Off-Peak times are between 10am-4pm Tuesday-Friday.

Please note Student Discount is only valid during Off-Peak times see Our Policies for full T&C’s.



What’s Included in My Treatment?

Please note, we book out extra time to allow for your arrival and preparation for the massage, these are the specific amount of times spent on the actual massage. All massages can be customised to fit your bodies needs, please let your therapist know if you would like to alter the treatment in any way.

Girl Boss Massage 30mins: This massage helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation to leave you with a relaxing sensation. We focus on the legs, feet and stomach in this massage, helping to target cellulite and relieve tension from your worn out girl boss busy feet!

Gym Bunny Massage 30mins:A deep tissue back neck and shoulder massage using medium to strong pressure to stretch and relax your muscles to keep you in peak physical condition.

Full Body Massage 60mins: We can customise this massage depending on where you feel you need it most, we can spend longer on one area if its particularly problematic. We use a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic (Indian Style massage using selective oils) to make you feel serene and uplifted- includes a facial massage also.

Indian Head Massage: Using Ayurvedic techniques and essential oils, the Indian Head Massage works your shoulders, neck and scalp and has many benefits including helping to relieve: stress, migraines/headaches, back pain, symptoms of anxiety, depression and even promote hair growth!

Quickie Fix Massage 15mins: A brief 15 minute massage to suit busy city lifestyles, works great as a lunch time pick me up on your break! Focusing on the back neck and shoulders and relieving any particularly problematic areas using a variety of techniques.