Boudoir Beauty Parlour and Boudoir Medical are professional skin consultants. Offering both relaxing and specialist treatments to help solve skin complaints including: pigmentation (both dermal and epidermal), acne, signs of ageing, rejuvenation and scarring.

We use a variety of effective products and equipment from some of the most noted brands such as: Obagi Medical, La Roche Posay, Bioderma and Institut Esthederm Paris. We use specialist equipment including Radio Frequency to promote collagen, reduce signs of ageing and break up fat cells, as well as Laser Skin Rejuvenation to reduce acne and scars on the face/body.

We try and test all of our products and treatments ourselves before recommending anything to our clients to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Products are available to buy in the salon, or to order should you request a specific product from one of our stockists.

We cater each treatment to suit every individuals skin, therefore your treatment may include different products/techniques than the description stated below.

For treatments such as Derma-Rolling, TriFractional or Laser Skin Rejuvenation please call the salon to organise the booking on 0207 7395462/07957567181.