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We customize all of our facials to suit your individual skins needs, these descriptions are guidelines to give you an idea of which facial would be best for you but may not include the exact products/procedures stated below depending on your skin type.

Skin Consultation (Therapist): This is a 15 minute appointment to discuss with our Beauty Therapists any queries you have about your skin for us to recommend a specific treatment/product plan as well as help you to ensure you are receiving the best treatment at the best possible price.

Skin Consultation (Dr Ayesha): This appointment is a 30 minute appointment with our in house Doctor, we would recommend you use this option for any skin conditions/problems such as acne scarring, dermal pigmentation, rosacea etc. Dr Ayesha will talk you through how to solve these issues and have you on a treatment/product plan to suit you.

Eye Rejuvenation: With this treatment we aim to help contour your eye area and improve lymphatic drainage to remove any puffiness and signs of aging. We use a combination of cleansing, massage (lymphatic drainage), collagen eye patches with a serum and moisturiser to do so.

Intensive Rebalancing Facial: Everything included in the basic ‘Osmoclean’ Facial (see above) with an intensive propolis rebalancing mask and upper body massage.

Osmoclean: We cleanse your skin to remove any excess make up and dirt. Followed by a gentle deep pore cleanse, a Gommage exfoliating mask to smooth, and a moisturiser/serum massaged into your skin to keep you hydrated. We finish off with a City Protect Spray to protect your freshly cleansed skin from taking in any city dirt and pollution and keep your pores unclogged.

Osmopeel: We go through the same basics as the Osmoclean Facial (see above) but with an additional gentle Glycolic Acid Gel to give the surface of your skin a radiant glow. Finished again with a City Protect Spray.

Smokers Lip Lines: Using non-surgical Radio Frequency Technology we can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Seasonal Detox Facial: Depending on the time of year, we cater this seasonal facial to your skin needs, in winter we concentrate on trying to rehydrate and protect your skin from the cold and harsh winters, whereas in summer we help remove any build up from your pores due to sweat and protect against sun damage. This includes the basic ‘Osmoclean’ facial and seasonal mask with a relaxing massage.

Extraction Facial: This facial is great for removing any clogged pores and blackheads you have lurking amongst the layers of your skin. We work hard at removing these by using a combination of cleanser, exfoliation, scrub and steam to open up your pores and extract any dirt and oils. Followed by a pore therapy mask to help close your pores and make them appear less visible, moisturiser, luxurious upper body and facial massage and city protect spray to finish.

Oxypeeling Treatments: This treatment is similar to the ‘Osmopeel’ treatment however includes a stronger peeling agent to help strip back a few more layers of your skin to remove blackheads, mild pigmentation and dullness, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance: This treatment is perfect for most skin conditions, Obagi are a medical skin care manufacture that work well to treat signs of aging, skin pigmentation and severe acne. They are not only used for these conditions but also for milder problems such as blackheads also. This peel is stronger than our Oxypeeling treatment and is recommended on a course with additional products in order for you to see the real benefits. Please note this is not suitable for those allergic to Sacylic acid/ibuprofen/aspirin. We will prep your skin accordingly and apply moisturiser and SPF when the peel is finished, your skin may look aggravated and sensitive for a few days following but this is normal for a peel.

The Vegan Facelift: Using our fantastic radio frequency technology we can successfully contour and improve the appearance of aging by using innovative TriLipo technology to burn fat cells. The Vegan Facelift is completely NON SURGICAL with fantastic results.

Deluxe Vegan Facelift: Opt for this treatment if you’re looking for a relaxing treatment with the amazing results of ‘The Vegan Facelift’ with an ‘Osmoclean’ Facial included.