Combo Deals & Packages

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combos and packaging


Natural Mani/Pedi Combo:

Mani: We shape your nails and shorten where necessary, neaten your cuticles (no cuticle soak). We then buff, apply a nail polish of your choice; including a base and top coat and then massage cuticle oil into your nails.

Pedi: We file your toe nails, buff and shape. We then soak the feet and cuticles, apply a callus gel remove hard skin massage the feet and then finish with a nail colour of your choice and apply cuticle oil to finish.  


Shellac Mani/Pedi Combo:

Mani: We shape, shorten where necessary, buff your nails, cut/remove/push back your cuticles where necessary and then apply a selected gel colour of your choice including a bonder, base and top coat (we recommend no more than 3 coats of colour for the best results). Followed by cuticle oil.

Pedi: We file your toe nails, buff and shape, cuticle work then apply shellac/gel colour of your choice including a bonder, base and top coat. We then soak the feet apply a callus gel, remove hard skin, massage the feet and apply cuticle oil to finish.


Shellac Soak off Hands/Feet:

We gently buff the top coat layer of shellac/gel until it is dull and matte, then soak the colour off using acetone with foils to attract heat (this works as a catalyst for the acetone) leave for approximately 10 minutes- the gel will turn into a dust like state which we can then gently scrape off of your nail (this is not damaging to your natural nail as the gel has already detached from the surface of your nail bed and should fall off easily). We then reshape, buff, cuticle work and then apply a new shellac colour of your choice.

Shellac removal on the feet takes slightly longer as your toenails do not hold as much oil, meaning that the gel sticks to them stronger we have to soak/buff for a longer period of time, which is why ‘Feet’ are priced slightly higher.

All About Eyes

This treatment is great for a holiday or just general pick me up- we tint your brows and lashes and then shape your brows using Lycon Hot Wax; perfect for sensitive skin, giving your eyes a total transformation!