Why you should switch to IPL NOW!!


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IPL, hair reduction is a craze that has been around for a while now, but has since died down within the beauty industry. The commercialisation of the product means that this form of hair removal is hugely more accessible today as it is no longer confined to the extortionate prices of exclusive clinics after moving into Beauty Salons across the country.

We want to show you why you need to switch to IPL, not just for the obvious hair-free-care-free benefits but also financially; using an example of our most popular IPL and waxing area: YOUR VAGINA.

So here we go….

As women we spend a ridiculous amount of time, money and stress on keeping our lady gardens ‘prim and proper’. We have to time our waxing or shaving depending on when we need it ready for: spa day followed by a holiday 2 weeks/days later? But thats not enough time in between waxes? Then you think its a great idea to shave and spend months out of sync with regrowth and have random hairs growing through 3 days after waxing?!!  OR having to shave everyday and giving yourself razor burn to avoid bikini stubble.

Sound familiar?? Why do we put ourselves through it?!

We have your dream solution… IPL!!

Here’s how:

On average women spend £45 per hollywood/brazillian wax and have the treatment roughly every 4 weeks, costing a total of £585 a year!!! (scary when you put it like that)

IF you decided to switch to IPL Laser Hair Removal with us for hollywood/Brazillian (or any other area for that matter) we are offering a 25% discount off of a course of 6 meaning that the whole 6 sessions will cost £450 (for brazilian / hollywood) AND you will be hair free!!!!! Saving you £135 in just 1 year!!! and about £500 for every year after that and so on… so yeah you get the idea!

It’s an investment you’d be silly to miss out on!

IPL has other great benefits, not just the fact you’ll be smooth as a baby, but you can say bye bye to skin irritation and those pesky little ingrown hairs you have to perform self surgery to remove.

IPL: laser hair reduction is not completely permanent, no laser is, so you will have to have each area topped up roughly twice a year (depending on your hair type/growth rate) but this is just to stop light re-growth it will not grow back completely within this time frame!

Check out a list of our prices and areas you can have IPL treated on here.

You’d be INSANE not to take us up on this life changing investment!!!

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