We get a lot of questions about what we like to call our “Vegan Facelift”. So let’s break it down for you.

This non-surgical facelift is a radio frequency treatment that can be used on various parts of the body to perish fat and tighten the skin. It’s been used for a long time in medicine – over 75 years to be exact! This technology effectively heats tissue by passing electrical currents via electrodes at different frequencies – burning away fat cells quicker than we can say ‘vegan’.The best thing about The Vegan Facelift is that the treatment takes a short time and you can go back to your daily routine straight after – perfect for a naughty lunchtime treat! It’s effective on all skin types and you’ll see immediate results – it doesn’t discriminate!

The technology we use (TriLipo) is the most advanced 3rd generation radio frequency solution so you know that you’re getting the best with us! It has 3 pulses that ensures a deeper penetration in a comfortable and safe way that won’t make an impact on the top layer of skin. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!

The Science

1. The thermal effect heats up and forces the release of liquid fat and accelerates the metabolism
By placing pressure on the internal fat layer, the muscles contract and pushes the fat cells up. Externally, the fat cells are pushed down, causing a ‘squeeze’ effect and allowing the fat to drain out. This also accelerates blood circulation & optimizes tissue oxygenation and detoxification.
The collagen fiber then contracts and shapes the face tighter than before. This also regenerates the skin and gives a long-term tightened result.

2. We use the Vegan Facelift to contour the face, shrink some of that turkey neck and reduce wrinkles or fine lines. No one will ever have to know that you’ve had a hard life, it can be our little secret!

3. But making sure you look pucker doesn’t just stop at the face. We can reduce the fat in various areas of the body too! This includes circumference reduction, stretch mark reduction and improving the texture of your hands.


So there you have it. The Vegan Facelift. It’s not so scary is it? If you have more questions on this procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Till then, Stay Sexy x

Vegan Facelift

by Mandy Morello