Hey girls, for our very first blog post we’re going to kick off with Boy Talk. Every once and while we’ll supply you with a juicy chunk of advice on different areas of the crazy dating world because, ladies, it’s a jungle out there.

So, what do you do when you’ve just met that cute guy and he was lucky enough to get your number. What now? Follow our simple rules and always remember that mystery is key.

1. Never text first. Just no.

2. It’s ok to text on your daily commute because maybe you’re bored. There’s only so much staring out the window you can do on a bus, train or plane.

3. Never have your what’sapp privacy off. No one should know when you’re online.

4. Never text past 8pm – you’re too busy washing your hair darling. Any messages after 8pm, don’t even bother. It’s a booty call. He also doesn’t need to know you’re at home doing nothing, there’s a reason for aeroplane mode, start learning to use it.

5. Dick pics are a no no – anyone that sends you a dick pic should be screen-shotted to the hall of shame. Penises are ugly as they are, I don’t need to see it all up in my grill – it’s called a blow job for a reason.

6. Never text when you’re angry. The written word is powerful and once seen can never be taken back.

7. The English language is beautiful – learn to use it. Don’t use text speak. Know the difference between your shit and you’re shit.

8. Keep it short, sweet and simple. No essays.

9. Nicknames like babes, sweetheart, & darling are my faves. Terms of endearment should only be used when you mean it (after third base).

10. Never ever feel like your being forced to do something you don’t want to do. No means no.

These are rules to live by. Till next time,

Stay Sexy!

by The Boudoir Girls