The Boudoir Girls are dating queens and know exactly how to make a great impression. Upon asking, they have a lot of first date advice for their clients. See below how to navigate that primary meeting.

There’s something so special about first dates. You never know where they might lead; a new friend in your little black book, the lucky man who gets to sleep next to you, that summer fling that you’ll always remember but never regret. Or maybe, he’s going to be that one date that’s so bad, he’ll produce new comedic material at cocktail parties.

This is the first impression, and like an important job interview, every second counts. You have to be the best version of yourself. Despite what you might think, it’s a fickle world out there and people do judge a book by its cover.

Flicking through your wardrobe for an outfit for a date may seem like a daunting task so pick something appropriate but cute. Wearing a mini skirt to bowling may look attractive but bending over should be reserved for private viewing only. Those six inch Louboutins wont cut it, honey. Practicality is key. Also, if you want to show this new man your flawless skin (from your Boudoir Beauty treatment) then remember, less is more.

In a first date situation, you have to remember that you are meeting a stranger. It’s important to let your friends know where you are going and who with, and it’s even better to arrange to meet the girls after to dish on the night’s events. Being safe can be chic too.

Always arrive fashionably late. 10 minutes is more than enough, anything longer is just bad etiquette. Blame any tardiness on the traffic; it’s the most believable and reliable excuse, especially in the city. If you’re early then find a place with a bathroom to make sure the journey hasn’t smeared your mascara.

Although there’s nothing better than a Martini, drinking away your nerves never helps any situation. Before a date, it’s important to be prepared and together. Also throughout the date, keeping the alcohol to a minimum is essential. You need to be on guard and on point at all times. He may be impressed by your ability to down a beer in five seconds flat, but save that till a later date.

Talking should always relate to finding out about him and his likes. It’s near impossible to run out of topics; his favourite sport, what he watching on Netflix or what music he loves to listen to in the morning for instance. If you sense he hates his job, change the subject. You want him to be in a happy place.

If the conversation is extremely challenging and unenjoyable, don’t force yourself to stay in the name of politeness. Time is precious, and you’re wasting both his and yours if you do stay. An hour is a perfect amount of time to give him. Of course, if he is unbearable, just leave.

Always make sure you keep the first date short and leave on a high. Don’t leave when the conversation has taken a dive, make sure it’s still stimulating when you part. It’s the last thing he’ll be remember from the date so you don’t want him to recall the struggle for conversation. Keeping the date short always ensures that you have an escape plan too. You never know whether you will click or when they’re just damn boring.

It is always classy to offer to split the bill. It’s best not to order a bottle of Don Perignon for £150 just in case you are splitting. And if that is what he wants, don’t feel like you have to order something just because he does. Excuse yourself and make a joke like “it’s too much for me on a Thursday Night, but you have some”. Don’t ever be a cheapskate and expect to be paid for.

When it comes to saying good bye, it’s paramount to leave the guy wanting more. He’s never going to dance the tango if the song has already played. If you feel the date has gone well, thank him for a nice evening and let him watch as you strut your sexy ass away.

Remember, don’t love someone the way you like to be loved, it’s never reciprocated.

Stay Sexy,
The Boudoir Girls

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